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We are a team of professionals based in Miami, with more than 20 years of work experience. We offer comprehensive solutions for individuals and companies that want to settle or create in the United States. Our firm has offices in Argentina who share not only a philosophy and way of working, but also the commitment to guide and accompany our clients in each of the stages and processes.

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We provide all our services in person at our offices. In addition, and regarding certain matters, if you wish, you can receive advice without having to travel. Consult our online services.
Structuring, financing, market and industry analysis.
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We help to get the most adequate legal framework.
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We have the best methodology to prepare successful business plans.

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Our differentiator is to provide a comprehensive service with the best professionals specialized in each area. This gives us a competitive advantage so that you have everything you need in one place.

We take care of business registration in the United States for both natural individuals living in other countries, as well as for small and medium-sized companies that are already established abroad, but need to expand their reach and reach the North American market.

Expand your business to the world in just a few steps by registering your business or corporation in the United States! Remember that, as well as individuals residing in the country, foreigners can also open their companies within the United States with the objective of selling or offering their products and services, as well as with the goal of buying merchandise for later exportation.


We specialize in managing the E-2 investor visa to develop your business in the United States.

This visa will allow foreign entrepreneurs who invest in the United States and their families to live and work legally in the country. The entrepreneur and their spouse may remain in the United States indefinitely as long as all visa requirements are met.

Regulations change frequently. Attempting to handle the case on your own, without being informed about the latest updates, could not only put your future at risk, but would be a waste of time and energy on your part as well as permanently jeopardizing your application.

We provide support, advice and legal guidance for your business or venture in the United States. Most of the time they focus on the execution of their business, but they lack the necessary knowledge in legal matters to carry them out, but most importantly, that these are sustainable over time.

We accompany you with a team of professionals so that you do not worry about the legal aspects and you will dedicate yourself with greater intensity to other areas of the company.


The registration of trademarks or distinctive signs is under the direction of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). We help to register or process a trademark opposition through personalized attention and specialized professionals.

Applicants who are not US residents must appoint a US representative to act through them. We provide you with all the necessary services whether you are in the US or if you are a foreign applicant.

Any business that is going to start in the United States is very important that it has a digital support. In these times, having a good corporate image in digital format is very important.

If we want to develop a successful business, we must be clear about its objectives and, obviously, the digital tools as a means to achieve these objectives. These tools exist of all kinds, from the most basic ones such as help or advice through online tools, e-commerce, sale of services, education courses / programs, memberships, streaming subscriptions and even custom product design.

Our job is to find the digital structure that suits your brand based on your mission, vision and business objective. It is very important that you rely on a local company that knows the market and the client so that your solution is effective in every aspect.



If you want to take your first step in the United States, you must be well advised. Contact us and we will help you.



Our team of professionals will do a feasibility analysis to find the best approach to your project.



One of the most important links for your project to become tangible.


For the authorities of the United States, the intention with which the United States is visited is very important, that is, if a person travels as a tourist to the United States, either with a visa or through the program of countries with visa exemption , must respect the purpose of it, vacation. In case the intention of the person, is to get a job, or to marry and the officer suspects this, he will send him back to the country of origin, this is one of the reasons for the Questions that will be asked at Immigration Control.

Immigration law does not establish minimum amounts to obtain an investor visa. The most important thing is that the amount to be invested is proportional to the investment you want to make. But for a matter of practice it is known that an investment of USD 50,000 is low and the visa can be denied.

For Latin American investors who want to invest in a business in the United States, an E-2 investor visa may be the ideal option. With this type of visa, the investor and his dependents can enter the United States to direct and develop a business venture. There are strict requirements for this type of visa, from the amount of the investment, to the type of business that is planned to be undertaken.

In general, you can apply for a change in nonimmigrant status if you were legally admitted to the United States on a nonimmigrant visa, if your nonimmigrant status is still valid, you have not violated the conditions of your status, and you have not committed any crime that renders you ineligible.

This is the first questioning of who intends to undertake in the United States. The good news is that no, you do not need an American visa or the SSN (Social Security Number). To start your business on American soil is only to have a valid passport.

Not! The only requirement is that your company have a business address in the state where you want to open the business. If you do not have a property, you can easily adopt a virtual office (which provides the address for records and correspondence) or use the address of your accountant.

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Trump administration’s blow to legal immigration

The decree issued by the Donald Trump administration this week, drastically limiting legal immigration to the United States, left hundreds of people and companies challenged to understand whether their future plans have now been ruined.

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The decree issued by the Donald Trump administration this week, drastically limiting legal immigration to the United States, left hundreds of people and companies challenged to understand whether their future plans have now been ruined.

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The decree issued by the Donald Trump administration this week, drastically limiting legal immigration to the United States, left hundreds of people and companies challenged to understand whether their future plans have now been ruined.

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